Supported SerenityOS CSS-Properties

Google uses it's usage statistics to give us some insight into the most used CSS-properties on the web.

The data conveniently is brought to us in JSON format, so it just begs us to do something with it!

In SerenityOS we can somewhat see what properties are implemented by taking a look at the Properties.json file in LibWeb/CSS. Again, JSON, there seems to be a pattern here!

Additionally w3 provides a JSON file that contains all properties and links to their respective specs. The pattern continues!

What this page does:

This page loads the data from Google and the current Properties.json from the SerenityOS GitHub repository and checks whether we've implemented any given property. Below, implemented properties are marked in green while unimplemented properties are red. The percentage numbers indicate the proportion of page-loads that contained that specific property.

The relevant specs are linked with every property.

The number of supported CSS-Properties that are loaded on more than 5% of webpages is:

In braces is the total number of analyzed properties.

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